Monday, December 6, 2010

Nice to Kiss, Nice to Smell, Once Committed Considered Yours

"Nice to see, Nice to touch, Once broken considered sold." This can be also true for Babies with a little adjustment as "Nice to kiss, Nice to smell, Once committed considered yours."

It is undeniable that Babies are born Cute and Attractive. People are always attracted to the adorable moves that babies make. Their little expressions and moves entertains us. Even though I ever heard from some of my friends that they think babies are annoying, I never thought of them like that. I like babies very much. Babies do not lie and fake like us, they cry when they are hungry and shout when they feel uncomfortable. They have no worries at all.

These few days at home I tend to play with my Baby Del and sometimes look after him. I realised it is very fun to play with him but if I am required to take care of him 24 hours, I am still not ready to do it. Cut off the 12th scale pain of giving birth, it is not easy to raise a child. Firstly, the heavy expenses : Milk, pampers, clothing, towel, wet tissue, bottles, baby care products, baby court and toys. Secondly, the responsibility of taking good care of the baby : Feed him on time with proper amount of milk, burp after feeding (a quite long process), change diapers, clean up faeces, bathe, sing to sleep and so on so forth.

Hence, before deciding of giving birth, please be aware of all of these and get prepare to take good care of your baby. Babies are not toys but your responsibility.

Baby Adelrich <3

Friday, July 23, 2010

Why I Am Born Female

Sometimes I do wonder how God determines our gender. Why X and X met at 1991? What if Y meet X first? Everything will be different by then. I can imagine how the situation will be if I was born Male.

If I was born Male, my mum can save a lot of her money from buying clothes and accessories for me.
If I was born Male, I can save a lot of time everyday in getting dressed up and make up.
If I was born Male, I can do more thinking replacing the time for rubbish talk.
If I was born Male, I can do decisions faster.
If I was born Male, I can think faster and solve physics problems easily.
If I was born Male, I will have more chances in getting a job as an engineer.
If I was born Male, I will not be so emotional and do things effectively without mixing emotion with work.
If I was born Male, I can have enough strength to carry at least 10 pieces of A1 Board from Sungai Dua to Saujana all by myself.
If I was born Male, I can forget about the monthly pain I am going through.
If I was born Male, I can ignore about the highest ranking of pain which is giving birth.


If I was born Male, I have to be such a successful person to impress my mother-in-law.
If I was born Male, I have to be initiative enough to find my wife.
If I was born Male, I have to take good care of my family like my dad does.
If I was born Male, I have to be very very independent and strong.
If I was born Male, I won't be able to be so "Manja" with my beloved family members.
If I was born Male, I cannot tie my hair up with ribbons.
If I was born Male, I cannot wear dresses and mini skirts in front of people.
If I was born Male, I cannot gossip around with my ladies.
If I was born Male, I cannot pluck my eyebrows and put mascara on.
If I was born Male, I cannot have discount for Movies on Thursday.
If I was born Male, the tendency of receiving flowers and presents will be low.


I am very glad to be born as a FEMALE <3

The Boyish Baby Girl in 1991 =)

Friday, May 21, 2010


I was at the bank with my grandmother around 2.30pm today and thats when my sister called me and asked me to go to her school(my former school) to take her book. At first, I was quite impatient knowing that she skipped class eventhough she need her malay literature book for Monday's exam. However, with all the sisterly love I had =P, I decided to help her.

I arrived at my former secondary school gate but the guard did not allow us to drive in. I had to walk in where the weather was extremely hot. When I stepped on the first walkway, memories came by. It was the exact spot where I waited for the school bus everyday for five years. A few girls and boys wearing school uniform passed by and it reminded me of my days with my best friend, Wui Xin. We used to hang out after school and I used to walked to her house which was nearby. Next I passed by the basketball court. I realised that the floor of the court was coloured bright. I used to have PJK session there where guys played and girls do nothing else but chit chatting with my teacher.

I went straight to my sister's class and searched for her book. Her class, 1 Ceria was also my former class. A lot of Form 1 memories came into my mind. I can still remember clearly the situation where Cikgu Zaki teaches us Science. Bih Ju was called Pikachu while I was called Pikachi. Wui Xin cried because Ong poured Teh-C Ping to her hair. I sat beside Dominic where I talked so much and he just listened. All of them happened seven years ago. I realised how old I am now compared to those teenage years. I am not that young anymore. I should be Mature and Independent by now but AM I?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taste Of My Hometown

After ending my first year session in USM, I am quite accustomed to Penang's lifestyle. However, one thing that I can never be satisfied with Penang is the food. Although I can say that Penang's food is half of the price of my hometown Kota Kinabalu, I still prefer the taste of my hometown. People in my hometown or at least my family love to eat Mee. Mee as breakfast, for Hi-Tea and also supper. =) The pictures below are some of my favourites strongly recommended by me. Try them out if you have the chance to visit KK. =D

Tenom Style Fried Mee. 丹南干炒面

Sheng Rou Mian. 生肉面

Beaufort Fried Mee. 火船干炒面

Likas Yu Wa. 鱼滑

Credits to XinYee for the Pictures=)

My Girls Visit

Last week, my beloved girls DanZhou, XinYee and PuiYeen came to Kota Kinabalu. As the host, me and my family prepared food and a whole lot of plans for them. We managed to go to quite a number of places in Sabah including those I have never visited before. We went to Pulau Manukan, Sapi and Mamutik, One Borneo Hypermall, National Park (Mount Kinabalu), Poring Hot Spring, Kipunyit Waterfall, Sepilok Nature Reserve and Luanti Tagal Moroli.

Playing happily in the clear waters of Pulau Sapi. We were able to touch the fishes around.

The amazing view of Pulau Manukan =)

Snorkelling =P

The Direction Fish in Finding Nemo. They form different shapes but always stay together.

Manukan Island <3

The spectacular view of Mount Kinabalu. Reminds me of a typical local song "Tinggi tinggi Gunung Kinabalu, Tinggi lagi sayang sama kamu..."


The arrogant Orang Utan of Sepilok Nature Reserve.

Luanti Tagal Moroli. The fish spa only available at Sabah. As you can see, the size of the fish is extraordinary.

On the last day, an early surprise birthday celebration for our dearest Olivia Sim Dan Zhou.

The group photo ^.*

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Am Dumb Dumb

Why am I starting my blog calling myself Dumb Dumb? The answer is easy. I am kinda dumb at doing things. I am not sure whether it is the disorder of body parts matching the brain or is it just me being slow in catching stimulus. However, being dumb is not that bad after all. It gives me the right to improve myself to a higher level. If you are a 100% person, you have no purpose to continue living.

Welcome To The World of Dumb Dumb =)