Monday, December 6, 2010

Nice to Kiss, Nice to Smell, Once Committed Considered Yours

"Nice to see, Nice to touch, Once broken considered sold." This can be also true for Babies with a little adjustment as "Nice to kiss, Nice to smell, Once committed considered yours."

It is undeniable that Babies are born Cute and Attractive. People are always attracted to the adorable moves that babies make. Their little expressions and moves entertains us. Even though I ever heard from some of my friends that they think babies are annoying, I never thought of them like that. I like babies very much. Babies do not lie and fake like us, they cry when they are hungry and shout when they feel uncomfortable. They have no worries at all.

These few days at home I tend to play with my Baby Del and sometimes look after him. I realised it is very fun to play with him but if I am required to take care of him 24 hours, I am still not ready to do it. Cut off the 12th scale pain of giving birth, it is not easy to raise a child. Firstly, the heavy expenses : Milk, pampers, clothing, towel, wet tissue, bottles, baby care products, baby court and toys. Secondly, the responsibility of taking good care of the baby : Feed him on time with proper amount of milk, burp after feeding (a quite long process), change diapers, clean up faeces, bathe, sing to sleep and so on so forth.

Hence, before deciding of giving birth, please be aware of all of these and get prepare to take good care of your baby. Babies are not toys but your responsibility.

Baby Adelrich <3

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